Welcome, and thank you, for considering to join the Rocky Mountain Ramblers! We hope you will find our club members helpful and friendly, and our trips rewarding and enjoyable. If you have any questions about our club, or about applying for membership, please talk to an Executive member at a regular Wednesday meeting, or send us an email to
More information may also be viewed in FAQ:Frequently asked Questions or Benefits of Membership

Applying for Membership

Free one month trial membership: Not sure if you want to join without trying a few activities first? If you have never been a member you can join for a one month trial membership at no fee to see what the club has to offer (excludes multi-day trip participation). Just follow the Regular Membership joining procedure below and click the “Free Trial” button near the bottom of the personal information web page. If after the trial you then decide to join, you just have to submit your $25 fee.

Renewals : if you were a member or free trial member any time in the past 5 years and are looking to rejoin, please click here.

Membership years run from December 1st to November 30 (joining after August 31 will be valid through the following membership year).

We designed the application to be thorough, and hope that it helps in preparing you for our activities and in protecting you from physical or financial harm. There are two documents you will need to read: the Outdoor Activities Guide, and the Membership Application form. You can read these documents online, and create a pdf copy of the form. Copies of these documents are also available at Wednesday meetings, but you will need to take them home to read and complete. This gives you the opportunity to consult legal advice about the waiver, if you so choose.

The Outdoor Activities Guide was written by club members in plain and simple language. Many applicants are new to the outdoors, and we wish to prepare them by describing in detail our activities, and the risks and hazards associated with the activities. We also want applicants to be knowledgeable of our risk management policies, our trip rating system, and the responsibilities of participants and Coordinators. Being knowledgeable of these topics is important for you, and for the rest of the membership.

The Membership Application form has an Applicant's Information section, a Member's Agreement section, and a liability waiver section. The Member's Agreement has terms of membership that the club expects from its members. The liability waiver section was written with legal advice, and is more formal in nature.

Application Procedure

(Including Membership Application Form)

By completing the Membership Application form you are applying to be a member of the Rocky Mountain Ramblers Association (the "RMRA") and in so doing, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of membership set out in the form. By issuing you a Membership Card the RMRA is accepting your application. Your application is the "offer" and the Membership Card constitutes the RMRA’s "acceptance" of your offer and, as a result, there is a contractual relationship between you and the RMRA.
  1. Carefully read the following documents. Paper copies are available at meetings; or you can read them here online; or you can print and read the PDF online versions. When you sign the Membership Application form you acknowledge having read them: The content of the Outdoor Activities Guide forms part of the contract that is entered into between you and the RMRA when your Membership Application form is accepted and a Membership Card issued.
  2. Prospective members planning to go on activities in avalanche terrain, please read about avalanche course and refresher requirements here.
  3. Fill in and then create a pdf copy of the Membership Application Form. Forms are available at meetings if you do not have access to a printer.
  4. Complete the Membership Application form. Your application will not be accepted:
    • if all the form is not fully completed;
    • if your information is not legible;
    • if there are any alterations or deletions; or
    • if you do not initial, sign, and date the form.

    Details of Applicant's Information

    All information supplied by members is stored in an encrypted password protected database. Only members can gain access to this information by logging on to the password protected Members' area. Here, members can change their own personal information, including their privacy preferences (see below). Other members can view this information, but only according to the privacy settings.
    • Membership
      Check one category of membership. New Regular members are entitled to a paper copy of the Outdoor Activities Guide which can be picked up at meetings.

    • Name, Address, Primary Phone, Email address and Emergency Contact (Name and Phone)
      This information is required for all applicants.
    • Website - Secure Members' Area
      • Regular members have access to your name, and optionally to your address, email address and phone numbers as you prefer. Regular members do not have access to your Emergency Contact info. These privacy preferences can be adjusted by you at any time on the Members area;
      • Trip Coordinators additionally have access to your primary phone number and Emergency Contact information regardless of your privacy preferences;

      • Members of the Executive have access to all your information for Association purposes.
    • Website - Public Area
      You may be mentioned in trip reports that are made available for the public to view on the Public area of this website. If you are mentioned, we strive to only show your first name on the Public area.

      Club policy is that other personal information such as your address, phone numbers, or email address will NOT be published in the Public area without your express permission.

    Details of Release of Liability, Waiver of All Possible Claims and Assumption of Risk

    All applicants must initial where indicated as having read the Outdoor Activities Guide with particular note of Chapter 1: Members Agreement Terms and Chapter 2: Participants Responsibilities.

  5. Deliver the completed form along with payment for the membership fee of $25.00. (There is no fee for Trial Membership). Email submissions and Interac e-transfers of fees are sent to:
    • If signing and submitting electronically, add your initial and signature using the Fill & Sign function in recent versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader (If unfamiliar with how to do this, click here); or

    • If printing and signing manually, take a scan, or a clear and legible photo, of your completed application, and email to the above address. You can send your fee using Interac e-transfer from your on-line banking to the same email address; or

    • Send a paper form and fee (cheque) by postal mail to the RMRA (note: mail is only collected once weekly);
      Rocky Mountain Ramblers Association
      PO Box 75044 Cambrian
      Calgary, AB T2K 6J8

    • in person to an Executive member at a meeting.

  6. You will receive your Membership Card by email when your application has been accepted. You do not have to show your Membership Card in order to participate in club activities. When participating on club trips you will have to register for the trip to confirm you have signed the "Release of Liability, Waiver of All Possible Claims and Assumption of Risk" agreement.
You're done! See you on the trails!