Regular Members Guest Members
Term 12 month term ending Nov 30th 2 week term, once annually
Fee $25.00 no fee
Trips open to all accompanied by Sponsor member
Social Events open to all; partners often welcome subject to Executive discretion
Website Public area and Members' area Public area only
Courses open to all, subject to Executive discretion no
Guests may bring Guest members on day trips no
Voting Privileges yes no
Community Service open to all accompanied by Sponsor member
Outdoor Activities Guide online version or paper copy online version or Sponsor's paper copy
Children a parent or legal guardian must complete the Participation of Minor Children form
Meetings and Programs open to the public


Regular Members
Memberships purchased after August 31st are valid until November 30th of the following year.


The Ramblers is an active club with over 300 trips per year. There is no seasonal schedule. Most weekend day trips are posted on the Members’ Area of the website by the preceding Thursday night. Multi-day trips are often announced at least a week ahead of time.

There is usually a good selection of trips to choose from each week. Trips are informal in nature in that all participants are responsible for their own safety. A volunteer Coordinator arranges for a trip to take place, but does not act as a guide.

Trips are open to all members subject to their ability, their preparedness, or on limits placed on the number of participants. Where applicable, participants sign up for trips on a first come, first served basis. If you sign up for a trip in advance you are expected to attend; otherwise notify the Coordinator if you cannot go as planned. You can find out about upcoming trips by visiting the Members' area of this website. You must be a valid member (Regular, Lifetime, or Guest) in order to participate on trips.

For some trips, no advance sign-up is required and members need only show up at the meeting location in order to participate. Please arrive 10 minutes before the stated time of departure in order to arrange carpools. You are not required to show proof of membership. You will, however, be required to sign a trip sheet confirming you have signed the RMRA "Release of Liability, Waiver of All Possible Claims and Assumption of Risk" agreement. Participants generally carpool to the trailhead, with each passenger expected to compensate the driver on a cost per kilometer for expenses based on a scale related to fuel cost.

See the Outdoor Activities Guide    (PDF version for printing - 2 Mb) for a detailed description of our activities, associated risks and hazards, our trip rating system, our risk management policies, and participant's responsibilities. The club has a Trips List available to members with over 2000 pre-rated trips. This list is also available for searches on the Members' Area of this website.

Coordinators have the right to refuse a participant for any reason.
Being unprepared with inadequate clothing or equipment is one reason. If you are unsure of your ability or what clothing and equipment to bring, contact the Coordinator prior to the trip day. (see Clothing and Equipment guide

Regular Members
New members are encouraged to make themselves familiar with the trip information available through the links on the Members’ Area calendar. New members are also encouraged to start out on easier trips in order to get to know our trip rating system.

Social Events

Aside from the fact that trips are also social activities, the RMRA provides a number of opportunities to participate in less energetic but no less entertaining functions. The Social Director with help from a committee of volunteers organize several annual events:

Potluck Dinners
Ramblers do enjoy their food! Held at the Rosemont Hall, potluck dinners have always been very successful. The idea is to contribute one dish that serves about six helpings. There is no planning, yet the variety is always tremendous. Potlucks can be held anytime, but Christmas and Valentines are popular. Don't miss these opportunities for a great meal and fun.

Stampede Breakfast
This is an annual event held on a Saturday during the Calgary Stampede (in early July). Not to be missed!

Summer Hike and BBQ
Some years this is held in mid-summer with a number of hikes followed by a gathering at a location for a potluck dinner evening.


Public area
Much of the Rambler website is open to the public. We feel our club has a lot to offer, and we want to give the public the opportunity to know us. Here you can: Members' Area
This secure area of the website is available to Regular members only. Here members can: Regular Members
When your membership application is accepted you will be supplied a username and a password to gain access to the Members' area. We urge you to keep your username and password confidential. In the Members' area you will have the ability to change your personal information, including your password.

Privacy Preferences
Members’ names may appear in trip reports residing on the Public area of the website. We strive to have only first names appear there; full names only appear in the Members Area. Members’ contact information (address, phone numbers, etc.) never appears on the Public area without their express consent. Members may also restrict contact information from being made available to other members. Individuals can change their privacy preferences online.


Regular Members
Educational and risk management courses, such as First Aid, Avalanche Awareness, Map and Compass, etc., are offered from time to time to the membership. All members should take advantage of these courses whether for the first time or as a review. The often used phrase "participants are responsible for their own safety" rings somewhat false if participants do not know how to be responsible for themselves. The Executive often allocates funds to subsidize members for taking courses, especially Coordinators, who are sometimes given priority.


Regular Members
Do you have friends or relatives visiting from out of town who would like to include a trip to the mountains as part of their holidays? Do you have a neighbor, office co-worker, or friend who you would like to show what you do on weekends? If so, we invite you to bring them along on our day trips (excludes multi-day trips). Any individual may be a member's guest up to 3 times per year.
As your guest, or guests, will be exposed to the same risks and hazards as other participants, we need to have all guests complete a guest application/waiver form.

You will be the Sponsor member of your guests, and you must accompany them on any day trips they wish to go on during. Sponsor members and their guests must follow the Guest Procedure to complete the waiver.

Community Service

Kananaskis Country Trail Maintenance
The Ramblers, in conjunction with other outdoor clubs and individuals, help park staff to maintain the trail system in this popular Foothills area west of Calgary. Work parties are organized, usually once a month from May to September, to clear trails of overhanging brush, or to construct simple water management controls. The work is not too heavy, and you get an appreciation into what it takes to keep our trails in good condition.

Outdoor Activities Guide

The RMRA Outdoor Activities Guide is referenced by and is part of the Membership Application form. The Guide contains descriptions of our outdoor activities, risks and hazards associated with the activities, risk management policies, our trip rating system, trip participant's and Coordinator's responsibilities, and terms of membership. The Guide must be read prior to completing the application form.

Meetings and Programs

Regular Wednesday Meetings
Meetings are usually held the first and third Wednesday each month, September to May, at 7:30 PM at Rosemont Community Hall (check the Calendar At these meetings there is: Prospective and new members are welcome to attend these meetings to find out more about the club.

From time to time the Programs Director schedules events at Wednesday meetings. Often members present slide shows, or invited guests give presentations. These meetings and programs are free and open to the public. Membership functions are available before and after the presentation.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM takes place in mid October. The President, Treasurer, and Trips Director present year-end reports. Club business and the election of the new Executive are conducted according to the by-laws. All Regular members should attend this very important meeting!