1. I just joined. Why can't I access the Members' Area?
  2. How old are your members?
  3. How difficult are your trips?
  4. Can I attend meetings?
  5. Can I participate in hikes?
  6. What trips do you have scheduled?
  7. How can I join the Ramblers?

I just joined. Why can't I access the Members' Area?

We often get emails from members who have just joined the Ramblers in the last few days, wondering why they can't access the Members' Area.

We are an all-volunteer organization, and club work gets done in the volunteers' spare time. Even the most dedicated Membership Director may need several days to enter all the new members that have signed up at a Wednesday meeting, especially in the spring and early summer, when many new members are joining. Our volunteers are good, but they are not superhuman, and they do have private lives! Please allow a week after signing up for your information to be entered into our database, before you inquire what happened to your application.

As soon as your application information is entered in our database, your access to the Members' Area is automatically activated.

How old are your members?

(This is our #1 most frequently asked question!)
Our members cover a broad range of ages, from 20s to 70s. The majority of our members are in their 40s or older.

Don't let this fool you into thinking that we are a club of old fogeys. While we do have many trips that are suitable for beginners or less athletic people, we have some very challenging trips, and everything in between. Most 20-somethings would have trouble keeping up with our more active 70-somethings!

How difficult are your trips?

We have trips of all degrees of difficulty, from (literally) a walk in the park right up to serious mountain climbing.

One of our strengths as a club is our large number of coordinators. We have over 40 coordinators, volunteers who plan and organize club trips. Each coordinator has his or her own style and favourite activities. Some prefer to call easy trips, suitable for beginners; others prefer intermediate trips, suitable for fitter hikers or skiers; still others prefer challenging trips, suitable for the fittest athletes.

There truly is something for everyone, the following chart outlines a recent year's activity categories:

Trip type pie chart
About 69% of trips in 2023 were on weekdays. For a recent year's activities, click here.

Can I attend meetings?

Yes. You do not have to be a member to attend our Wednesday meetings. Regular meetings are opportunities for people to join the club and act as information sessions for prospective members. Some meetings have slide shows or other presentations, on those days membership functions are done before or after the presentation. Check the Calendar to see if a program is scheduled or if the meeting is cancelled.

Can I participate in hikes?

You must be a member (or the registered guest of a member) to participate in any club activities.

What trips do you have scheduled?

We are often asked about our schedule of upcoming trips. Typically, the question is, "I would like to see your schedule of upcoming trips before I commit to joining." Or, "Are you going to be doing Mt. _____ this summer?"

Unlike many other outdoor clubs, the Ramblers do not schedule trips months in advance. Think how frustrating it would be to have your heart set on a particular trip for weeks or months, only to have it rained out!

Instead, Ramblers trips are planned typically less than a week ahead of time, and weekend trips are usually posted on the Members' Area of the website by the prior Thursday night. Trips are not planned by committee, but are called by individual coordinators, taking into account weather forecasts, trail conditions, and personal preference. This means that, on a typical summer weekend, there is a large selection of trips to choose from. There is usually something for everyone, from beginner to expert.

Members can find out about upcoming trips on the website by checking the Calendar (password required). Non-members may view an information-limited version of the Calendar that lists many or all of the upcoming trips.

How can I join the Ramblers?

Read our Outdoor Guide , which describes our activities and the risks associated with them. Before joining, we want you to understand what you are getting into.

Then, go to our Membership Application page and download the membership form. Be sure to read all the "fine print" on the form before you fill it in. Then sign and initial it in all the appropriate places. You must have someone witness your signatures.

The membership fee is $25 per year. The membership year runs from 1-Dec to 30-Nov.
Free one month trial membership: For applicants who have never been a member before, you can join for a no fee, one month trial membership (excludes multi-day trip participation). See details when you click the Membership Application link above.