We do not have a very full record of all the activities that transpired in 1976. Helga Dauer organized the first of the popular annual ski weekends at Sunshine in February.

On Victoria Day weekend, 12 Ramblers in 6 canoes led by Ian Wallis made the full 73 miles down the Red Deer River from Sundre to Red Deer,

In the summer of 19769 Tony Forster replaced Sharon Sutcliffe on the executive. Although membership for the year ending September 1976 was down to 160, 75 paid up members attended the AGM on October 20. The following were elected to the next executive: President, Bob Pattison; Vice-President, Brian Westcott; Secretary, Del Lavalee; Treasurer, Ron Folkins; Members-at-Large, Jay Reed. Vivian Budgen and George Muench. Bill Leach and Dick Jull were added afterwards.

Anne and Tony Moran hosted the Hallowe'en party organized by Viv Budgen. Janet Gill won prizes for both the best and funniest costumes and Bob Pattison's was voted ugliest.

It appears that Jim Kirkpatrick led the most trips in 1976, but Bill Leach was awarded the gold pin for taking out many epic trips. Unfortunately these were not written up in the "Pack Rat". Bill received his pin award at the very successful Christmas party at Club headquarters where it was noted in a Ramblers' written song that he had climbed 200,000 vertical feet during the 1976 season. That goal was finally attained, not on top of a mountain, but at the Lake Agnes Teahouse.


Again in 1977 we have little record of the Ramblers trips that went out, although they included the usual wide variety. Brent Davis was the principal instigator of the new sport of ice or frozen waterfalls climbing.

Brian Westcott led the August 1977 long weekend backpack into Mt. Assiniboine. He rented a van to transport 14 of us up the very rough Spray Lake road to Bryant Creek while the remaining 4 went in Alastair Sinclair's car.

On January 22, long-time Ramblers bachelor, Jim Kirkpatrick married Margaret Branton.

In the summer both Jay Reed and Brian Westcott left on extended holidays and were replaced on the executive by Anne and Tony Moran. Club membership recovered to about 173. The following new executive was elected in October: President, Brian Westcott; Vice-President, Marianne Flanagan; Treasurer, Marni McCall,- Secretary, Vivien Budgen; Members-at-large, Tom Flanagan, John Seaborne and Janet Gill. In addition, Peter McGill became Leaders Chairman and Tony and Anne Moran, Equipment Chairmen. No gold or silver pins for leadership were awarded during 1977, 1978 or 1979.