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Off-Trail Hike
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Mt Roberta
What better way to escape the intensity of Stampede week than to climb a rarely climbed mountain. I could not find Mt. Roberta in any book. It's a rarely climbed peak near Kananaskis lookout. We started at 10:10 off highway 40 onto the Pocaterra ski trail. The off-trail route started through the forest with a steep climb through trees and brush. It was about 13 C at the start but we were heating up on the climb and the mosquitos were persistant. Eventually, we left the forest onto scree and rock. The saddle was near. From the saddle we summited to the first peak, down climbed, and continued up onto the main summit. The final push was on loose scree and rock, although we were able to grab handholds on adjacent rock abutments. We summited in 1 hr 45 minutes

Summit Group


Mt. Roberta Summit Group, Wally & Ghulam

. Views from the summit:

View From Mt. Roberta

Kananaskis Lakes

After lunch, we found an old summit registry in a mason jar. Wally's previous notes were still in the jar. This was his third summit. The registry indicated that very few hikers had summited this peak. We headed down to stave off the threatening clouds. The descent was mainly on steep grass and through a bit of brush near the end. The rain greeted us but only once we arrived at Pocaterra trail once more. Ghulam treated us to Heidi's great muffins back at the car. Although only 3, we stuck together up and down and had some wonderful conversations throughout the hike. It certainly is wonderful climbing a rarely climbed peak. Thank you once again Wally for your great leadership skills as well as Ghulam for your camaraderie. Forgetmenots, Columbine and Clematis were plentiful. Total distance was 7km. and the elevation gain was about 600m. Thanks from scribe, Michael