This was the most snow that I have ever encountered on this spring hike to Bow Valley Provincial Park. Even the paved bike trail was mostly snow covered.

Snowy Trail

However, the snow was soft enough to permit most of the group to make it to the lunch spot before donning traction devices.
Along the way, we saw a half dozen or so trumpeter swans , along with some cygnets (visible in the photo if you look carefully).

Swans and Cygnets

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the bright sunshine at the picnic spot along the river, before putting on traction devices for the remainder of the hike though the woods.

Brian, Joe, Jennifer, guest Lorraine, Enrique, Bill, Karen

Boardwalk at Middle Springs

Looking for Bubbles at Many Springs

Many Springs lake was, of course unfrozen, but we were unable to detect the bubbles made when the water in the spring surfaces. There was surprise at Middle Lake in that that there wasn’t much water at all to be seen at all.

Almost Dry Middle Lake

Thanks to Joe, Madeleine (photos), Karen, Jennifer, Bill, Enrique, and guest Lorraine for joining me on this sunny day. Brian C/S/P

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