It was a mite chilly (-13C) at the start but there was blue sky, bright sunlight and the climb up WhiskeyJack to warm us up. The snow was quite good for the most part although the top section of the steep hill was refrozen and somewhat icy where it is exposed to the sun. After a short break at the picnic table it was smooth going on recent tracksetting up Tyrwhitt through the trees to emerge into the dazzling sunshine:

Enjoying the sun at the high point of Tyrwhitt

In the meadows there was time for some artwork:

an angel and her wingprint

During the commission of this work it doubled as a snow profile; the surface was crusty and had a bit of a support layer underneath, but below that is a thick layer of depth hoar which has zero consolidation. After the meadows it was fast through the trees but one location had a lot of tree debris on the trail which led to a wreckage situation- fortunately only pine cones were damaged. Lunch was at the Tyrwhitt picnic table where it was considerably warmer than the trailhead and very pleasant in the sun. Then it was up to Elk Pass:

David leads on the hill to Elk Pass

The group split into two with most going down Elk Pass trail and a few went Hydroline-Patterson:

Janet on sunny Hydroline trail

Anne & Ron at Hydroline-Patterson junction

Patterson proved to be somewhat of a challenge in a few isolated spots where there were pine needles & cones and also tree bombs that were solid ice in consistancy:

solid ice bomb on Patterson trail

In one place the ice bombs were embedded and solidly frozen in the snow where they caused a crash for one participant. Fortunately no consequences ensued. The groups rejoined on Elk Pass trail and it was a nice descent from there. There had been expectations that the lower trails of Fox Creek and Moraine might be a little icy but they were only smooth in a few spots. Finishing circuit at Boulton Creek the temperature was now a little above freezing.

Thanks to a fine group who helped make it a very enjoyable day in good conditions except for the few exceptions noted. Participants: Rosanne, Philip, Ron C/S/P, Barbara (photos), Jeanne, Shirley, Margo, Inge, John, Janet, David, Clifton, Anne, Toshiko.

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