As the old saying goes, early to rise, early to shine. Upon meeting and greeting at the Evan Thomas day use area there was promise of a good day. Setting out at first the pace was rather fast for the warmup to the first intersection, not meaning to out do anyone, a more comforable speed followed. With a radius of 435,000 miles, our sun was showing it's influence, bathing us in warmth, this is how hiking is maybe at close to the best. Onward progresstion in this atmosphere, each steady pace, pausing at times, yielding for others to pass progress was steady.

Bart having some enlightenment fun!!

Reaching the more technical part, the traverse was complete, inspection of the chains and roped area, was in good condition. Navigating a little further we reach our destination of the rather somewhat large icefall. A beautiful site, people actively rappelling upward, as we observed over our lunch. A good amount of other hikers were he for the day, also enjoying.

Susan, Sonja, Bart, Jozef,& Bill, opening to icefall cave in background.

Some checking out the green icecave, access vie the open window to the wonder of nature. Our time to begin our decent, deciding to make the loop over the hill, out of the creek bottom was a nice experiance, a little added elevation.

Bill, Susan, Bart, Sonja, on a beautiful sunny morning.

Clouds moving in, temperture dropping marginally, we all reach back to our starting point, a wonderful day. And this is how we enjoyed the shine that was presented to us on March 4th, in the year 2023.. I thank those that helped bring this about, the enlightenment of our times. Participants: Susan,Bill,Sonja,Lenard,Bart,Jozef. Scribe, Lenard.

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