Six lively Ramblers headed out from Red Earth Creek trail head at 9:00 with fresh snow falling. Surprising there was some difficulty with wax and a couple stopped to rewax. The trail was groomed but not track set as advertised. 30 min into trip a Lodge employee passed us heading to trailhead with groomer but returned shortly heading to Shadow Lake, track setting the trail which made skiing even more enjoyable. Good time was made by all, 3 participants chose to skin up for hill climb, while 3 carried on using wax only.

David, Toshiko, Terry

Very friendly reception at Lodge, welcome us in and provide hot water to top up fluids.

Clifton, David, Damian, David

Ski out went well with minor bottle neck at hilly section with incoming guests. Lodge had 20 booked for weekend and we met most on the steepest section. I believe all Ramblers walked down sections of hill. Heavy snowfall on the way out, track was completely filled in. All were back at the cars by 4:00, making for a 7 hr trip of 26.6 km, with close to 600 m elevation gain. Great day, thanks to all for joining me. Participants: Terry,David,Damian,David,Clifton,Toshiko.

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