It was not a good trip. It was a fantastic trip! Wonderful people, incredibly good food and fantastic snow. When the 4th flight of the Bell 407 came in and we finally got established in the lodge we started off with the daily safety meeting . Then a game of hide and seek . Good news we found all the hidden transceivers. The secret is to turn them on before you bury them. Snow study next. The previous week had 50 cm new snow. We only had 30 cm new while we were there.Let the pictures tell the story.

Clifton snow study

Mummery glacier

Skiing the cornfields

Burnt Timber

Wind affected top of posthumous bowl

Eszter at the toe of the cornfields

Special thanks to Ivan and Clifton for helping keeping us safe. Even though the photos have my name on them I took zero photos. Thanks to Marg, Ivan ,Dave, Kim and Phyllis for the excellent shots.

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Same time same place next year

Participants: Christine,Kim,David,Jim,Phyllis,Margaret,Clifton,Vi,Ed,Eszter,Ivan,Bela.

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