As soon as we stepped on to the trail, we encountered solid ice. Although there were occasional stretches of bare trail, icy was the condition of the day. To make up for this, the weather cooperated with light winds and some sunny skies.
We enjoyed a sunny lunch at the group camp, with most of the conversations about travel. There were 2 mountaineering types in the group, and a lot of the talk revolved around descriptions of various volcanoes that they have climbed over the years ( As an aside, it sounds as if Sonja’s talk on April 5 entitled “Climbing in Ecuador” should be a good one). Another 2 in the group are going to Italy in the spring and that led to a discussion of their plans for the trip.

Doug, Sonja, June, Carl, and Dave at our sunny lunch spot.

After a leisurely lunch, we got back to the cars about 2 PM.
Thanks to Carl, June, Douglas, Sonja, andDavid for joining me. Brian C/S/P

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