Eight people were attracted by the promise of spring-like weather for this short hike. The paved trail at the top was mostly ice free, but it became icy at the top of the decent into the valley. At this point , we all stopped to put on traction devices. When we arrived at the Weaselhead bridge, Carl saw a white weasel dart across the trail. We stopped for lunch at the 8 person log where we were surrounded by some very aggressive chickadees making dives close to whatever food we had in our hands.

Bob, Ginger, Linda, Dave, Carolyn L., Carolyn C. Carl at 8 person log

Preparing to bare (heads) at Nude Beach

It was a relaxed hike, with many two person conversations and many stops so that the larger group could participate as well.

Removing traction devices when we reach the paved trail

We arrived back at the cars shortly after 2 PM.
Thanks to Carl, Linda , Robert, Carolyn, Ginger, Carolyn, and guest Dave for joining me. Brian C/S/P

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