Another long shot paid off for us as we enjoyed mild (+1-3) temperatures, blue sky day and very little wind on our jaunt on some of the West Bragg Creek trails.

To our surprise, there was some fresh snow at the Station Flats parking area, but enough hikers and fat tire bicyclists had been over the Tom Snow Trail to provide reasonable conditions. We all wore spikes but I expect that a sure footed hiker could have done fine without them.

The open aspen slope was mostly bare as we ascended the Bobcat Trail to our lunch location near the Fullerton Loop junction, where we had a sunny and calm lunch spot with a view.

Hiking up Bobcat Trail on a sunny, mild day

We decided to come back a different way, descending the Fullerton ridge half of the loop to the Fullerton parking lot, and trudging the last short distance on Highway 66. It turjned out to be the same 10 km and 300m we expected.

Participants: Joe,Carl, coordinator and scribe,June,Carolyn,Lenard,David.

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