Variability was the menu of the day, we started at -7C under cloud, then sun along Moose Loop, followed by low cloud moving in from the east as the cold front arrived and temperature dropped a couple of degrees by lunch time at the top of Mountain View West:

Lunch at the high point of Mountain View West trail. Phyllis / Jane /Anne / Norm / Laszlo

From the high point it was quite cold on your face from the wind chill of our speedy descent to Mountain Road and a nice cruise along it to Mountain View with a finale along West Crystal Line. Snow conditions were good, there was the occasional snowflake falling back at the parking lot but it was almost negligible. There were other Ramblers out enjoying the day, we had short encounters with some of them who had seen others lurking on the trails.

Thanks to a good crew for joining me on a a good ski in the foothills: Norman, Ron C/S/P, Laszlo, Phyllis, Jane & Anne.

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