It was surprisingly warm today and sunny until early afternoon. We ascended Vents ridge starting at the road and just a bit west of Prairie creek. The snow was minimal but we could see tracks where others had come down the ridge. There was a well defined trail in the snow that we followed once we topped out on the first bump.

Instead of going down the icy section to Prairie creek, we opted to descend via the White Buddha area which three of the participants hadn’t seen before. We briefly watched a climber warming up before bouldering. Instead of taking the regular Powderface trail, we returned via the pack trail which winds through the aspens on the bottom slope of Vents ridge above the Powderface ravine.

The hike took 3 hours with breaks so we inspected the beaver ponds before heading home. It was wonderful to do one more enjoyable hike with very pleasant hiking companions before temperatures plummet again..

Participants: Kim,Yolande(c/s),Eszter,Jo.

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