A very leisurely start on the trail at just after 11 followed by a very leisurely walk sampling trails we don't usually do.

One of the many new signs for the trails

We discovered that there were brand new signs, fences, gates - dating from this summer.
With the closing of the Pine Creek trail, we chose some loops that would give us about 9km and probably 100 m or so of elevation gain: Mountain view- Ranchers-Fescue-Paradise (new)-Aspen trails.

Mountains to the west

Blue Rock to the SW

We still get all the great views. Lunch at Pine Creek Lookout then a short break at the West Lookout and back to the car around 3pm.

13 lined ground squirrel sampling thistle flower

Almost the last thing we saw on the trail was a squirrel as it stretched to catch a thistle flower and eat the seeds.
Thanks to Brieta and Tom for sharing this lovely day with me. C/s/p Dorothy-Ann
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