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Rocky Mountain Ramblers Association

There are three permanent committees in the Association. All committee members are volunteers who put time and effort into making the Ramblers a worthwhile club for all. If you have been with the club for a few years and have derived enjoyment from its activities, then you should consider giving something back by volunteering for one of these committees. Some positions require more commitment than others, but there are still many things that can be done to help the club with only a minimum of effort. The next time a position is open or a job needs to be done, volunteer; who knows what latent talents you may have!

Executive Committee: manages the business of the Association
Coordinators Council: responsible for the outdoor activities of the Association
Risk Management Committee: promotes risk management awareness within the Association

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the ongoing affairs of running the Association. It has the final decision on any directives suggested by the Coordinators Council, the Risk Management Committee, and various sub-committees. One of its most important responsibilities is keeping the club in a sound financial position. The Executive meets when necessary, but no less than four times a year. At each meeting members of the Executive report on issues concerning their positions and any sub-committees. Minutes of each meeting are taken, with summaries posted on a website forum.

The positions on the Executive Committee are: President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trips Director, and as required, Social Director, Programs Director, Marketing Coordinator, and Membership Director. All positions are for one year, and all are elected at the Annual General Meeting, except for Past President and Trips Director. The following summarizes the responsibilities of each position:


The President serves as the chief executive officer of the RMRA. Duties include:

Vice President

The Vice President acts for the President when the President is unable to attend meetings. In the event that the office of the President is vacant, the Vice President shall assume all the duties of the President for the balance of the elected term. Other duties of the Vice President are:


The Secretary keeps the minutes of the Association. Duties include:


The Treasurer is the financial officer of the Association. Duties include:

Past President

The Past President lends continuity and experience from the previous Executive.

Trips Director

The Trips Director represents the Coordinators Council on the Executive. Duties include:

Social Director

The Social Director organizes social functions for the Association. Duties include:

Programs Director

The Programs Director arranges Wednesday meeting programs. Duties include:

Membership Director

The Membership Director maintains the membership roster. Duties include:

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director undertakes promotional activities to attract new members.


Coordinators Council

The Coordinators Council deals with matters relating to outdoor activities. The Council consists of all Coordinators and the officers of the Association: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Trips Director is elected to chair the Council and to be their representative on the Executive. The Council generally meets twice a year in the spring (April) and fall (September). Some functions of the Council include:


Risk Management Committee

Committee Agenda

Knowledge is the key is the key to maintaining a high level of risk management awareness on club trips. The Committee promotes outside courses relevant to RMRA activities, conducts Wednesday evening programs and forums, and suggests field trips to practice risk management techniques.

The Committee will endeavor to make sure that risk management documentation is up to date and readily available to members.

Risk Management Proposals:
Proposals are formulated as necessary for consideration by the Coordinators Council.

Committee Members

Three members of the Executive are on the Risk Management Committee: In addition there are up to eight club members who hopefully represent a cross section of the Association to give a balanced perspective to the Committee. The Risk Management Committee meets from time to time as it feels necessary to make plans to execute its agenda.