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Trip Report
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Off-Trail skiing
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Discovery Hut in Wells Gray

We had a good week skiing in Wells Gray Park from Discovery Cabin. There was some turbulence on the flight in, but we all got in in two loads Sunday morning.

Wells Gray Inn

The snow was better than last year but not as good as when we did the traverse. We had about 20 cm of new snow during the week, and only a few hours of sun. Temperatures were mild with boot top loose snow on a 200 cm base. We dug a pit to ground and found an icelayer and several feet of depth hoar at the bottom, unusual for that part of BC.

We found good skiing on the north side of Discovery Hill, and did most of our skiing there. Several people saw a wolverine, later we saw a pine martin and a smaller weasel.

Skinning up Discovery Hill

Getting ready for the first run

We did a tour to the top of Table Mountain, and a run to the area south of Discovery Hill.

Looking for a summer trail


Skinning up Table Mt

Trophy Mt from Table

We had some excitement one evening when the almost two meters of snow on the south side of the roof slid, people sitting by the window moved impressively fast. A few hours later the other side slid, burying the path to the outhouse.

Ed practicing black magic in the kitchen

The path to the outhouse

On Saturday part of the group went back up Table Mountain to the east end and did a few runs there while others yo-yoed nearer the cabin.

Thanks to everyone for all the help, the great food and company. A special welcome to new member John.

John M, Bob, Margo, Ed, Kim, Dave K, David M. John R

Participants: Kim, David, David, Ed, Bob, Margot, John. John c/s