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Anklebiter Ridge loop

I think when one practices endurace, toughness, and staying the coarse this trip had all of these combined into a day in the mountains. A wonderful hike, the trail had it's steep sections on the way up, plus this was a challenge in places on the way down also.

Example of some of the steeper part of trail.

Moving higher up the trail.

For the accent there is a reasonable trail, staying right on the ridge for the most part.

Jeanette moving forward in enjoyment.

A number of breaks, keeping the group close on the summit a nice lunch was had.

Jeanette, Bart, & Ross with Gap mountain in background.

On the decent, trail finding by GPS was well used, loss scree added to the adventure, a couple of scatches on the arm, on the way down, looking after each other as a group added alot to the hike. We didn't have a fast pace, but nice, so after some bushwhack we reached the highway and pond for some cooldown. I thank those for attending so we could make this possible. Participants: Jeannette,Ross,Lenard,Bart. Scribe, Lenard.