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Trip Report
Trip Date:
Off-Trail hike
Trip name:
Grizzly Peak 326250

A great day with stunning views, although I am starting to feel bad about doing this hike because the trail has become so wide and eroded, and will no doubt keep deteriorating because it’s obviously an “Instagram hike” based on the number of people we saw... on a Tuesday!

We started up in cloudy conditions - ideal for climbing such steep slopes - and there was strong cold wind at the high plateau. But the summit was much warmer; we walked to the far end and sat down for an hour and a half lunch. At one point a golden eagle swept upward right in front of us and wheeled around closer than any of us had ever experienced before.
After descending from the summit block, we wandered over to look into the Grizzly Creek drainage before starting the steep and dusty (and busier than expected) descent. One rock was dislodged but fortunately the frantic warning shouts were heard by people downhill so all ended well. Back at the cars after 3.5 hours walking (including lots of social breaks) and 1 1/2 hours sitting at the top. It's not often that you can experience that ratio on a challenging trip!

Participants: Jack, Jane, Pam, Ingrid coordinator.

Steep ascent on eroded trail

Approaching the summit


The four of us