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Backcountry Emergencies Course

All went smooth on this annual first aid course, despite the organizer (Sebastiaan) being 8 time zones away on the day of the course. A big thanks to Margaret for the report and photos!

The day was good value and a lot of information was covered, both in classroom style and hands on assessment. Most of the day was sunny and pleasant but with heavy rain towards the end when we completed the day hunkering under the trees and not quite completing the final exercise as planned. It was a worthwhile course.

Moving a patient with a spinal injury

Learning how to turn a person with a spinal injury. We also practised a technique to get the injured person from the ground onto the foamie and tarp.

Group shot during classroom explanation

About half the day was classroom style teaching. Instructor Kelly was clear and practical, understanding the needs and limitations of backcountry travel.

Learning to make splints

We were showed different types of leg splints.

Improvising splits with materials on hand

Practising leg splints with materials we might have on hand.

Injured and treated, again.

More splint practising (Clifton sustained multiple injuries today – so did Cathy).

Non-responsive patient

Final outcome of one of the hands on scenario assessments we did with “patients”. In this case a non-responsive head injury.

Speed dating - make a diagnose from symptoms

Speed Dating, first aid style. Patients with issues stayed in one place, rescuers rotated around the circle trying to determine what the medical problem was with each patient. At this point it started to rain quite heavily.

Class wrap-up under the trees

Kelly brought us back under the trees where we finished up. We all left with a booklet and laminated cheat sheet plus emergency contact numbers.

Participants: Kim,Alda,Maria,Margaret,Clifton,Gary,Joanne,David,Cathy,Barbara,Suzy,Roy,Margot,Agnieszka,Mary-Ann,Cheryl,Laura,Brian. (Organizer by virtue of volunteering for the VP role: Sebastiaan)