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King Creek Ridge 338222

Being greeted with blue skies, warm temps, the day was rather nice for the trail that awaited. Progressing up through what some call steep is a good test to bring the breathing up, with a liitle increase in heartbeat to remind us we are alive. Not one to always pick the easy way in life, adds the challenge that brings fullfillment, this was tested. And we did gain the ridge which opened up to wonderful views.

On top of ridge to King Creek Summit. Ross, Patty, Bob, Mihaela, Pam, Lenard.

With a snack break, and conversation our destination awaited us ahead. from here the trail is bassically a trail 3 to the summit.

A wonderful group on wonderful day!!

Wonderful day, slight sprinkle. Left to right, Lenard, Mihaela, Pam, Ross, Dave, & Bob in front.

Views on the summit around us, a sprinkle of rain, noticing 3 hikers progressing to a possible destination of Mt Hood was interesting, a good test of endurance for them. A wonderful day was had, to be remembered that effort is rewarded when on stays the course, deflects the shots fired. Maybe that is the way a fine lady felt just before midnight, on the past Monday evening as she took the podeuim for the victory speech, to also open a new page for Alberta....... Many tried to shot her down also...... Participants: David,Bob,Ross,Pam,Patty,Lenard,Mihaela. I thank those for signing up and making it happen.. Scribe, Lenard.