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Trip Report
Trip Date:
Off-Trail hike
Trip name:
Gunnery Creek to Fir Creek via Grass Pass

Participants: Bill, Nancy, Aldis, Janice, Margo, Sonja, Joanne, Steve, Jozef.

After waking up to smoke in Calgary and considering cancelling the trip, we headed south to the Highwood with somewhat better visibiity, but it was not to be. In the end, 9 persevered under worsening skies on this great short hike that takes in 2 creeks, 2 passes and 2 ridges, aided with a short car shuttle. Only a short patch of old snow was found on the ridge above Grass Pass, with very dry conditions for mid-May. The typical early season flowers were appearing, with crocus in abundance everywhere. At Fir Creek ridge we were treated to a grouse in full mating display (alas, no pictures) but not much other wildlife. Tick count- 0 at this point. Distance thanks to Bill- 9.5 km, elevation 480m. Thanks Bill for taking over the mentoring role, and everyone for joining me on my first probationary hike!

Starting up Gunnery Creek (Steve Riggs)

Prime time for crocus (Steve Riggs)

Lunch at the end of the ridge between Gunnery and Grass passes. (Steve Riggs)

Shooting Star (Steve Riggs)

Prairie Buttercup (Bill Leach)


Afternoon break in Fir Creek Meadows. (Joanne Riggs)