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Trip Report
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Road bike
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Sheep River Parks HQ to Bluerock

We had a lovely day. Spotted three bears, whitetail and mule deer, a hundred or so sheep, plus a few Ramblers.
This was the last day that Hwy 546 is closed past the Sheep River Parks HQ. So, also being a lovely day, there were a LOT of people riding the road. Dave counted well over 100 cars at the gate and the HQ!
The four who had signed up for the Ramblers trip met at 10, dealt with some technical issues, and chatted with four other Ramblers who were doing the same.
In spite of the crowds, it was a lovely ride and the many people helped identify where the bears were. We had heard about a mother bear with two cubs, seen the previous week. I saw a single bear, and then a brown coloured black bear and black coloured cub, both not far past Windy point. On our way out, we ran into Yolande who had left earlier and was already returning. She elected to join us for the rest of the day. At Junction Creek, we had our lunch and were joined by Barb and Ron.

Clifton, Jennie, Yolande, Barb, Ron and Gord at Junction Creek picnic site

We saw a lot less animals on the way back.

Gord and Jennie with Ron and Barb in bkg

And "debriefed" with all back at the trailhead.

Debrief at Sheep River Parks HQ

Many thanks to participants: Clifton, Gordon, and Jenny for joining me, Carl (C/S).