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Prairie Mtn - West Ridge Loop

Six of us enjoyed the hike up Prairie Mountain in advance of the closure to build a new trail. We had lots of sun and warm temperatures, starting around 15 and 22 by the time we returned to the cars. We had some wind on the top of the mountain, but not as much as is often the case. The summit cairn has lost its big Canadian flag, replaced with a tiny one.

Snacks with a view

Group at summit

On the drive to the trailhead there were several deer near the road, and many birds, including lots of bluebirds sitting by their chosen nesting boxes. On the trail we warily watched a raven while we lunched by the trees just past the summit cairn. There were crocuses both on the trail up (near the summit) and near the lookout on Prairie Creek trail; there was some cinquefoil as well.


Crocus display


The trail up was mostly dry and snow/ice free. Going down to Prairie Creek from the West Ridge there were many sections of snowy trail and only a few short icy sections. None of us wore spikes, though we all had them with us, resulting in only 2 slips but no serious injury.

Thanks to a great group on this relaxed hike: Ron, Nancy, Aldis, Keith, Bill (p) from Barb(c,s,p).

Comment by Ron: there were two ravens at the lunch spot near Bill and I, and just as we were getting up to leave they took off and flew downslope to harass what appeared to be a juvenile bald eagle. No love lost between predators, they probably learned the harassing technique from small birds doing the same to them.