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Mesa (Square) Butte 720280 - Curley Sand loop

Given that winter has turnerd the corner, allowing sunny days, with warmth brings hiking, and this is where our day takes us. Upon meeting off we go, only muddy in sections as we progress, a little trail finding, with a short detour, all is well.

An enjoyable lunch and nice day.

Always nice to hike with wonderful ladies.

It was a little busy at the lunch spot, but all was well. Then off again as we make our way. Some icey sections in shaded areas, caution needed, with good rest breaks for all. All in all it was a very wonderful day with a wnderful group. I thank them for joining to make this happen. Participants: Bill,Aldis,Susan,Lenard,Jo,Annie,Laura,Jozef,Mihaela. Scribe, Lenard.