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Trip Report
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Trail hike
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Bar C Ranch area - Lesueur Ridge

It was a nice day for this hike with warm temperatures and minimal wind. A steep climb to get up onto the main ridge where we proceeded along to a lunch spot near the summit with views of the mountains

A few of the group enjoying lunch and the mountain Panorama

Getting Ready to Depart Our Lunch Viewpoint

. Limited snow on the trail start with none on the ridge to our lunch spot.

Leseur Ridge trail

After lunch we headed for the cut-line. Here snow was encountered on the slightly north facing slope, but was generally packed down by previous hikers. Snow in places down the cut-line to the trail which would take us to the northwest viewpoint. The trail was generally snow covered with deeper snow when the pipeline right of way was reached. Shortly after reaching the pipeline right-of-way,we assessed whether it was feasible to continue to the north viewpoint, as our estimated return time would well exceed the original projected time to complete the trip, making for a quite late return time

Checking the Map on the Pipeline Right of Way

. Continuation on the pipeline right-of-way provided a short cut back to the Leseur Creek trail and would bring us back to the cars more in line with the projected completion time. In the end, we opted for the short cut, and headed back. The return route back along the Leseur Creek trail is very scenic

A photo op in Leseur Creek

Carmie and Clinton in Leseur Creek

Local Fauna in Leseur Creek

Mountains to the West

Front Ranges from Leseur Creek

and most were impressed. Back at the cars shortly after 4:00pm.

It was a very congenial group with much conversation about past trips and other sundry items being shared and perhaps contributed to the slower progress of our group, Regardless, it made for an interesting and enjoyable hike and noe one seemed to concerned about making the northwest viewpoint. Another time for that item. As all but three of the group had never done this hike, we were able to show them what I would consider the most scenic sections of the hike, not completing what I would consider to be the less scenic portions.

Thanks to participants: Carmie, John, Janet, Clifton, Jane, Gordon, Jenny, Carolyn, Marianne and Christine for joining me on this early season hike.Thank you's to John and Janet for photos.

Bob C/S