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Trip Report
Trip Date:
Road bike
Trip name:
Leighton Art Centre

I bought this bike during the COVID Daze to get some variety in my riding. Long distances can be covered without requiring 3 days to recover so I found a use for the ebike. All our bikes made the trip without any problems. I shut my battery off for some periods and it made the distance. We had a good trip, not a tick in sight.
This is a example of a good ebike trip offering spectacular views.Everyone enjoyed the day and I enjoyed their company.
I also want to give a shout out to the City of Calgary with their very enjoyable and safe bike routes and paths
Thanks to everybody for coming out.

On the route to Leighton Art Centre - avoiding Dermacentor andersoni

Summit shot - Leighton Centre Bike trip

Distance 78Km and 450m vertical

Participants: Christine, Jim, Susan, Jeannette, Inge.