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Trip Report
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Trail hike
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Prairie View / Barrier lookout / Jewell Pass loop

The Spotwx forecast was 100% accurate today, right down to the timing of the snow. Crossing the dam in a cold gale-force wind was the first challenge of the day, but once in the trees the walking was warm and pleasant. We had just started the climb from Prairie View to the lookout when we noticed ominous clouds and snow to the north, which turned into a full-scale blizzard even before we reached the summit. Despite the cold and zero views, we were all grinning with the exhilaration of the wild weather. Obviously we didn't feel compelled to stop for lunch, so we descended to the start of the Jewell Pass trail and had a few bites, then continued down in increasing sunshine. I was quite surprised at how much sun there was in that forest.

Second lunch was at a nice spot shortly before reaching the power line, and the windy walk back along the road was quite enjoyable and not nearly as muddy as expected. Back at the cars after 5 1/4 hours.

Participants: Sonja,Donna,Ingrid coordinator.

Sunny and warm for the ascent

Incoming snow

Intense wind and snow at Barrier Lookout

View of Yamnuska (yes, really)

Warm but windy at the lake