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Trip Report
Trip Date:
Off-Trail hike
Trip name:
Sandy McNabb Hills/Long Prairie Ridge

A very pleasant day under sunny skies with a congenial and talkative group. As expected there was a mix of snow, ice and mud, although traction devices were never utilized. The first section up Long Prairie Ridge had snow to start but much of the exposed ridge was bare. Time for the group photo with the snowy mountains in the distance:

The gang on Long Prairie Ridge

It was snowy again through the trees descending Death Valley trail to the road and mixed as we headed up the first Sandy McNabb hill:

Hydration break

At the top of it we declared a lunch stop with views to the west. A bit of a wind sprung up but with the sunshine it was warm enough to dine at a leisurely pace. Then it was off down the eastern slope and up the second hill before reaching our turnaround point on an outlier to the east:

bare trees & brown hillsides with a little green on Sandy McNabb Hills

Colourful clothing at east end viewpoint

The return was uneventful although the part on the melting ski trails was soggy in places and boot drying will be required.

Thanks for a great day in the foothills which we basically had to ourselves as very few other people were seen. Participants: Ron (scribe, photos), Bill (photos, ,Barbara, Jim, Susan, Aldis, Bill, Shirley, Janice, Barb, Sonja, Teresa (photos), Keith, Cheryl, Laura.

Fauna report:

  • they're back!....  found in a car on return to the carpool location. Dermacentor andersoni . (Monday edit; 3 participants reported finding ticks at home; Thursday edit: 1 more at home)
  • not a tick:

  • Townsend's Solitaire (Myadestes townsendi)

  • plus a Canada Jay, and a few hawks (mostly redtails) on the drive