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Trip Report
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Trail hike
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Sugar Momma/Sugar Daddy/Snagmore

It's not a particularly scenic hike, but it's an excellent spring conditioning workout, especially when powering through soft snow and slush. We went up Sugar M and down Sugar D, stopping for lunch most of the way down in a sunnyish (but windy) spot. Then, since skiing is definitely over in this area, we followed the ski route on Elbow plus a quite nice horse trail to the far end of Snagmore. Lovely Snagmore is always the highlight of this area with its nice river views and stands of aspens. The approaching rain never reached us, so we finished warm and dry after about 16 km and 600m.

Participants: Teresa, Donna, Ingrid coordinator.

High point of Snagmore

Rain in the distance

North of 60 (TV show) set

Happy that we still didn't get the expected rain!