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Trip Report
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Off-Trail skiing
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Paradise Valley to Giant Steps

Eight Ramblers headed out of Moraine Lake parking lot at 10:15 in -4 C weather on a rather icy track. Two on half skins the rest on wax. Initially, those on wax progressed reasonable well. Then into the trees and onto the Paradise trail initial up hill track. Quite a challenge! An icy, bowl shaped track, hard to herring-bone or to side step up while wax was of little value. But true to Rambler tradition all participants soldiered on and eventually made it to first bridge. Once into the Paradise valley skiing was somewhat better but much slower than normal. The track was hard and polished while any step off track could resulted in complete snow collapse which created a few body divots along the way.

Lunch with Mt Fairview in back ground

Lunch stop was at the second bridge, we had covered 5.5 km in 2.5 hrs, not a hectic pace even by coordinator's standard.

Jim and Toshiko having a recovery break

One participant turned around at this point due to nagging knee pain. We were blessed with a short snow squall after lunch which greatly improver kick and guild, even the uphill approach to the Lake Annette bridge was not a problem.

Lake Annette Troll

Pass Lake Annette there was a well set ski track which was followed up to a run-out zone below a major avalanche slope. It was decided to turn around at this point as we had witnessed a substantial avalanche come off the north side of Mount Temple earlier. Now for an down hill run on an icy rolling curve plagued track. For some it was exciting for others it was more like a near death experience. Everyone at times tested snow quality up close and personal.

Nearly home, one more hill to go

All back at the cars by 4:15, 16.6 km in 6 hrs. No record for speed, but in many ways still an enjoyable outing. Looking forward to a repeat trip next year. Many thanks to very patient and pleasant group: Terry,Jim,Shirley,Inge,David,Clifton,Jane,Toshiko.