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Trip Report
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Track skiing
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Blueberry Hill from Boulton Creek PL

The tracksetters had done our whole planned route the previous evening so we had an excellent day at Peter Lougheed. It was smooth skiing along Moraine followed by Fox Creek:

Barbara and Anne on Fox Creek.

Then it was up Elk Pass trail:

Joanne and Ron on Elk Pass trail.

and after an hour and 20 minutes we took a lunch break at Blueberry Junction where a mini-thermometer registered -3C:

Lunch at Blueberry Junction.

It became a little mistier and it felt like the temperature was cooler as we ascended Blueberry, which was confirmed at the lookout where it was -10C. Participants bundled up for second lunch and the cloud and mist made for almost non-existent views:

Stoplight crew (Barbara, Damian & Anne) at the no-view Blueberry Lookout.

It was a fast and fun run down the route we had come. Temperature at the end was -5C, the same as when we started. Thanks everybody for joining me, participants: Rosanne, Philip, Barbara, Nancy, Damian, Clifton, Joanne, Anne, Steve (photos). Ron C/S/P.