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Trip Report
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Trail snowshoeing
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James Walker Creek snowshoe

Upon reaching the parking lot there was only one other vehicle there. Quiet on the trail I am thinking, maybe the whole mountain to ourselves. With snowshoes placed under our feet we set out.

Bart, Tom, Barbara, & Keith, a sunny morning, Junction to James Walker Creek.

Reaching the first junction a photo shoot, short break and off again taking the Creek trail. For about the upper third of the trail we were greeted with fresh trailbreaking in possibly 20cms of untouched snow.

15 meter wide avalanche area. End of run only goes about 20-30 meters below trail.

When reaching this slide area, taking observations then crossing one at a time to practice good judgement we progressed to our highest point for the day. A nice lunch, the decent begins.

Keith, Bart, Tom, & Barbara. A mild to warm outing.

With a little breeze now in the open, but no worries, our sun went away for awhile. Doing the Sawmill Loop as shown on my GPS, which Barb says is Snowdrift we have a little extra fun. We meet the first other group for the day on after crossing the creek. A wonderful day, sunshine to start, mild weather, low breeze, and a safe trip home. Maybe it is like Einstein said "Imagination is greater than knowledge". Imagine that!! I thank all those that signed up to make a wonderful day with good conversation. Participants: Barb, Lenard, Bart, Keith, Tom. Scribe, Lenard.