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Trip Report
Trip Date:
Off-Trail skiing
Trip name:
Hidden L, Little Richardson NE slope
Wow! What a fun day! Fantastic boot-top fresh powder, decent weather, a jolly bunch of pals.. you can’t ask for any better.
We were on trail near 9.30, making steady time up to 2nd lunch snack at the Half-way Hut. While admiring the various initials, we were surprised how many "Sim's" there were, always with a different fella...hmmm
We followed the hiking trail up towards Hidden Lake before crossing the creek and following Chip breaking trail up into the meadows for our high point. En route we admired a great flock of birds roaming through the larches. Chip, amazingly identified them as a Gray Crowned Rosy Finch.
We had three funs runs before making our exit. From Google Earth, it looks like our runs only had 20m of vertical over 250m distance, that doesn't seam right, however, it still was fun! For run three, Ray had hoped we could ski out via some trees down to a meadow. We (I) chickened out, choosing the open meadows of run 1 & 2. Again, via Google Earth, Ray's plan would have been great fun. I know I'll be back and will try that exit.
We did revert to Ray & David's experience and exited the area by staying on the south side of the creek, following meadows and back to the main trail. Going that way shaved about 0.5 km on the way out, and allowed us to go generally downhill. I'd take that approach/exit in the future, even though a stop at the 1/2 Way Hut is kind of a given.

We skied from Fabio, back to the band of Spruce. The pitch makes for good skiing.

The loop in/out for Little Richardson - in right, out left.

Halfway Hut - Ray loves being in pictures (Chip)

Chip's uptrack - 30 minute laps (Chip)

Thanks to Sim,Ray,David,Chip for joining me and finally getting the RMRA's first 2023 b/c skiing DAY trip of 2023 on the books. Have fun be safe.
Gerald - C/S