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Trip Report
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Road bike
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Longview to Highwood Junction

Should we stay or should we go? Our thoughts as we prepared for the ride with great trepidation because the sky westward looked moody. The consensus was let’s go and see how far we get, after all, we’re the adventurous type. While cycling on the 541, that north wind provided a challenge as it was chilly and the dark clouds above made it feel colder. Miraculously after about 30 minutes the sun appeared which reinforced our drive to keep going until we reached Eden Valley where it was apparent a spring storm was happening full throttle down the road. We decided to ride back to Green Hood campground and wait it out but ominous clouds appeared behind us leaving us trapped between two weather systems. Now what? The outhouses, let’s go hide in there. We sheltered inside as the sky opened up and spit graupel down leaving the Alberta foothills around us looking like winter. (T.G. the outhouses were unlocked!) After an hour when the storm passed and blue sky followed we opted to cycle to the Kananaskis Country sign and perhaps to Highwood Junction if the weather permitted. Dressed in all our layers and using hand warmers we continued on wet asphalt toward the park boundary. Upon arrival it was apparent we wouldn’t continue to the gate as another weather system had developed and we didn’t feel like waiting it out, or cycling into it. We rode back to Longview with a side wind and arrived by 4 p.m. Thank you Suzy and Glenda for the great company and to Bob for thinking about us, we would have joined you but your trip it was full. Stats, 72.5 km. Yours truly, Christine c/s/p

Yeah... just starting out west of Longview.

Sun comes out, a pleasant surprise.

Ominous sky at Eden Valley so we turn around to seek shelter.

Still smiling despite the weather.

Glenda and Suzy at the sign.

Yours truly.

Nope, no go. View from the K Country sign.