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Trip Report
Trip Date:
Off-Trail hike
Trip name:
Junction Hill 661864 horseshoe

Very windy day today on the ridge yet it was an enjoyable hike. We ascended the ridge partly via an animal trail that was longer but not as steep as the frontal assault route. Had to do a bit of hunting around after the trail petered out until found another animal trail that crossed the drainage we should have gone up so we hiked up an open meadow and found a goat highway that traversed under a cliff band until we reached the col area we were headed to. A different route than more experienced coordinators would take but it is always fun to find alternate ways to go up a ridge.

There was still snow on the higher tree covered sections of the ridge with minor icy sections that could be circumvented. Summit too windy for lingering and only some of the participants went right up to the summit with the flag. A trio that we met had ascended our down route so we could follow their tracks for part of the way while also keeping an eye out for the occasional ribbon marking the trail.

We followed the ridge right to the end where an open slope led back to the cars. We stopped for a rest and to look at the scenery a few times which made for a very social hike with wonderful hiking companions.

Elevation: 1085m; Distance: 9km; Time: 6hrs

Participants: Rosanne,Philip,Joe,Bill,Yolande(c/s),Dean,Douglas,Nancy,Aldis,Margo.

View from summit to a small spot sheltered from the wind

Summit flag in very strong wind

Descending ridge from summit while being buffeted by wind

Bill calmly watching a tick crawl up his arm

10% loss ratio on a previous trip?