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Road bike
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Sheep road gate to Bluerock

It was a stellar day to ride this road from the gate to the end in sunny, warm, almost windless conditions. Many other cyclists felt the same as it was quite popular today with snow predicted for tomorrow. We cycled from the gate, chatting as we went, until we stopped for lunch at Bluerock creek where there were some logs to sit on. After lunch we hiked up the trail a short ways to look at the canyon. We then cycled to the end of the road where snow in the loop stopped our progress so we headed back for a stop at Sheep River falls. There we met Christine G's group having lunch after they had cycled from Turner Valley. It was a wonderful cycle day with enjoyable companions.

Time: 4 leisurely hrs; Distance: approx 37 km according to three different gizmos; Tick count: 2

Participants: Yolande(c/s),John,Brian,Richard.

They started to cross just as we arrived.

Group at Sheep River Falls picnic site

Sheep River falls

Bluerock Creek canyon and snowy peaks