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Wasootch Ridge to 2nd cairn 365447

The weather was spectacular for being in the mountains today - sunny, warm, no wind until around 2:00 pm. I was dismayed by the number of cars already parked at Wasootch when I arrived at 9:00 a.m. but the ridge didn't feel crowded. Long ridge, lots of room for other hikers. The trail was a mixture of snow and bare ground. This trip was an opportunity to chat with folks we hadn't seen all winter so it was a leisurely pace to the second cairn. Once there, the lure of going just a bit farther where we would get even better views prevailed. It was lovely to have lunch in the warm sun with 360 degree views and almost no wind. A rare treat on Wasootch ridge.

Thanks to the following folks for a very enjoyable hike:
Participants: David,Yolande(c/s),Dean,Nancy,Phyllis,Shirley,Clifton,Barbara,Evan,Rob.

Still lots of snow on the ridges

2nd cairn group shot with 'guest'

Lunch on the ridge just past the 2nd cairn