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Trip Report
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Road bike
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Priddis to Turner Valley

Participants: Christine, Jim, Carmie, Yolande, Susan, Bill, Shirley, Bob, Inge, Christine. The Ramblers were out on the back roads Thursday, making a nuisance of themselves, reminding the good citizens of Foothills County that they share the road, with two wheeled and non motorized forms of transport. I'd say they took it very well.

Leaving Priddis on the way to Turner Valley.


Rounding the corner from the Millarville Race Track.

We had a pleasant north wind blowing us down toward Turner Valley.

Lunch at Turner Valley.

Using the pathway between Black Diamond and Turner Valley provides a safe haven for bikes from Hwy 22; although, the frost heaves are getting the better of the path lately.

Lunch was in the park at Turner Valley. There were plenty of empty picnic tables for us to choose from and some excellent sunshine.

Regrouping on the ride back.

Inge and Bob on the way back to Priddis.

The ride back was now into the north wind. That was a challenge. The elevation difference between Priddis and Turner Valley is 55m. Don't let that lead you to ill considered conclusion either.
It was a good day with excellent company.
I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.


Lunch at Turner Valley.