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Road Bike: Sheep road to Bluerock ex winter gate

Reports from the previous week mentioned a road clear of snow except for a couple of patches at the very end, however, fresh snow did fall on Sunday and this could be a potential problem. As forecast, the weather was sunny and calm without the usual headwind blowing from the west, but a little on the cool side at around 0C. Beyond the gate the road was clear of snow but still wet from melting in the morning sun. Initially there were patches of soft fresh snow 1 to 2 cm deep which were not a problem, but as we got further west some shady sections had around 4 cm of snow, and those on road bikes with thin tires had to dismount and walk. At the 7km mark we decided to turn back and extend the trip eastward, getting a few kilometres beyond of the Anchor D ranch before pulling over for a leisurely lunch. We finally got back to the vehicles at around 2:00 pm having clocked a little over 31 km. Typical spring weather in the Rockies! Thanks to: Susan, Alda, Bill, Shirley, Janice and Inge for coming out to join me. c/s John

Road beyond the gate; clear of snow but still wet.

Typical snow patches in shady sections.

Dry pavement where the sun could reach it.

Great views looking west.

More views looking west.

Patches of soft wet snow.

Okay for mountain bikes with knobbly tires, but not road bikes!