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Trip Report
Trip Date:
Off-Trail skiing
Trip name:
Crowfoot Pass via Glades

Conditions looked better than expected as we crossed Bow Lake and climbed up through the forest, with no sign of wind or sun crusts on the snow surface. Despite balmy warmth in Calgary, temperatures in this area had not risen above zero since the last significant snowfall earlier in the week. All went well until we climbed above treeline and felt the blast of 50 km/hr winds in our faces and the snow turn to boiler plate. As we neared the high point the visibility disappeared and snow began to fall, which called for a hasty retreat back to the trees. After a leisurely lunch, we did three yo-yo runs in glades in perfect powder before heading back to Bow Lake via a long gentle traverse through the forest. Total distance was 12.5 km with a cum elevation gain of 720m. Typical spring weather in the Rockies! Thank you Jenny for photos. Thanks to Bill, Clifton, David, Cathy, Gordon, Jenny, Mark and guest Oscar Smoole for coming out to join me. c/s John

View of Crowfoot glades.

Crossing Bow Lake with view of Crowfoot Glacier

Heading towards the col with Bow Peak on the left

View backwards Bow Lake

Time to retreat! High winds and rocks at our highpoint.

The Bow River near its outlet from the lake.

Back on Bow Lake; note change in visibility.

Track of route