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Trip Report
Trip Date:
Off-Trail skiing
Trip name:
Black Prince ski slopes

The drive out was ugly . Not a lot of skiers braved the ugly roads . However the skiing made up for it. We followed a nice up track made by a guide and found 30 cm of fluffy new on a firm base . Ego powder at it's best.

Topping out

The seven of us separated on the way down and when radio contact was made we had a group of five and a group of three. The guide with two paying customers was short one. We went up for another enjoyable lap .

Margo and Ed , smiles and colour coordination

The B team skied out to the cars and the A team went back for more powder. It has been 10 years since I skied the Black Prince cone. I forgot how lovely the glade tree skiing is. 500 meters of gladed fall line skiing. Unfortunately hordes of new skiers have also made the discovery . It will be totally trashed tomorrow.

Participants: Mike, Carl, John, Ed, Jim, Margot, Andre.