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Track skiing
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Upper L.Louise from Tramline PL

The TransCanada past the Scott Lake Hill to Canmore had lots of icy sections, but bare and dry beyond to Lake Louise. Although it wasn't apparent in the parking lot, the trail had had a bit of new snow over a rather crunchy base which made for quite good grip heading uphill. We made good time up Tramline and then up Moraine to Fairview trail. The new snow was a bit deeper there so the hills were no problem and the views were excellent:

Yolande, Carmie, Barb & Pat with Saddle & Fairview as a backdrop

At Lake Louise we got talking to the gentleman in charge of the trail tracksetting and he said they were finished for the season, the base has soldified too much for their equipment to do much with. We skied across the lake and had a nice sunny lunch, where a resident bird came by begging; well, more than begging, it tried to grab a piece of Pat's sandwich out of his hand. It was different from the usual Canada Jays that look for handouts, rather it was a Clark's Nutcracker.

As we were finishing up lunch a maintenance crew came by working on the sleigh ride trail. True to form it was pulled by a couple of horses:

antique snowplow at the Chateau

We carried on to do a Telemark - Peyto trail loop. With the warmth from the sun some of the uphills were a little slippery. The run back to the cars featured tracks that had become a somewhat glazed and there was a just enough surface snow on the slick base to control speed when a snowplow was required. Ours were the only cars at the parking lot and there were few other people seen on the trails. It was a pretty good day for what may be the last trackset ski of the season. And on the drive home, all the road ice was gone.

Thanks to fine group of stalwart participants for joining me: Barbara, Carmie, Yolandeand Patrick. Ron C/S/P