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Trail hike
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Cross Conservation Area, Paradise Trail loop

Today we had another pleasant hike just outside of the city. The trail was mostly bare on the east and south sides of the loop where there was ample exposure to the sun.

Heidi, Marietta, Darlene, Dave

There was enough wind at the lunch spot at the West Side Lookout that we moved into a more sheltered spot. Unfortunately, this was also a favourite stopping spot for the cows, so we had to choose our sitting spots carefully.

Lunch amongst the cow pies

After a leisurely lunch, we descended down the trail on the west side of the loop, which was mostly covered in snow and ice. Three members of the group opted to put on traction devices for the remainder of the hike. We arrived back at the cars at about 2 PM, with ominous clouds moving in behind us.
Thanks to Darlene (Photo), Marietta, David, and Heidi for joining me. Brian C/S/P