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Crystal Ridge snowshoe

It was a great trip along the Icefields Parkway on what has been dubbed one of the best snowshoes. We picked a good day to visit the area, although it was overcast when we arrived at Crowfoot Glacier viewpoint, brilliant sunshine pursued in the afternoon. We started off on the main trail to Helen Lake and shortly contoured north on icy, crusty snow to the rock garden. Continuing upward through thinning glades we reached a steep slope below the ridge that was wind scoured with exposed rock. It was here we decided to take off our snowshoes and don microspikes before going up. We gained the ridge between two bumps and walked to the south one for a photo opportunity as the view was absolutely astounding. A cornice on the east side of the ridge was prominent but not as massive as March in previous years. On our way to the north bump a wind picked up so we sought a spot to shelter and have lunch before ascending. (We didn’t pick a good spot, it was very windy and cold) Anyhow, we left our snowshoes here rather than carry them up to the north bump. When it was time to return, we opted to go the same way rather than posthole through the glades as the snow had softened and became very sticky. Thank you for joining me Katrin and Margot on such a rad day in the mountains. Yours truly, Christine.

View of Bow Lake from the rock garden.

Margot at the base of a wind blown slope, summit bump in the background.

Katrin makes her way to the south bump.

Margot on the ridge.

Happy to be here. Photo by Katrin.

Margot scouting out a lunch spot.

Ramblers on the summit of Crystal Ridge.

Close up of Bow Glacier across the valley.

Descending summit bump to retrieve our snowshoes.

Going home.