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Trip Report
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Trail hike
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Eiffel Lake - Wenkchemna Pass
We started from Moraine Lake at 10:40AM on a dark, foggy morning. The temperature was mild and as we ascended above Moraine Lake, the “fog” started to thin, carefully allowing ever more light. There was no wind; with the Larches’ last golden flush and the quiet surroundings the atmosphere was very peaceful. (Click on the pictures to see detail.)

Elizabeth, Barbara and Caroline on Eiffel Lake Trail - Hiking through the morning Clouds

As we savoured a snack on the rock-outcrop above Eiffel Lake, a blue hole appeared in the clouds. Soon, through a thinning veil, Eiffel Peak was revealed and later, Wenkchemna Peak in a pleasant, golden light.

The clouds clear from Eiffel Peak (3084m)

The clouds lift, revealing Wenkchemna Peak (3084m)

As we continued our hike, Deltaform and Neptuak Mountain’s peaks emerged from the translucent, steamy clouds.

The clouds part to reveal Deltaform Mt (3424m) and Neptuak Mt (3237m)

Gaining height towards the Pass, we looked back to be surprised by a thinly veiled view of the Valley of the 10 Peaks, illuminated by the strengthening sun. On we hiked, gradually gaining more elevation, the sun growing stronger. By this time, the Valley was brightly lit, with a few wisps of cloud lingering in its lower reaches, spanned by a bright blue sky and wavy cloud-manes trailing off the Wenkchemna Peaks.

Steamy Valley of the 10 Peaks looking NE from Wenkchemna Pass

The clouds lifted - Panoramic View of the Valley of the 10 Peaks!

We ascended the last blocky slope to the pass, covered by small, scattered snow-patches. We made the group-picture and had lunch on the pass, taking shelter against the mild wind, enjoying sun and the view into the Valley.

Enjoying the magnificent views: Cornelis, Elizabeth, Barbara and Caroline

Eiffel Lake (2250m) and Eiffel Peak (3084m) viewed from Wenkchemna Pass

After lunch we headed back, taking in the views illuminated by the softening late-afternoon light. We were back at Moraine Lake at 6:15PM.

Heading back NE; view above Eiffel Lake in late afternoon light.

Looking back at Wenkchemna Pass and Peak, Eiffel Lake below

Participants: Caroline, Barbara, Elizabeth and Cornelis, Coordinator, photographer & scribe. Thank you for joining on this wonderful day!
Trip Statistics: Return Distance 18.9km. GPS elevation at trailhead 1868m, and on the Pass 2615. Elevation Gain 747m. Total climbs 830m.

Beautiful photos especially when you click on them and see the enlarged image. Thanks for sharing, Cornelis: from David