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Mt Ogden
Mount Ogden though small, being just under 2700m, we found is still a great viewpoint. The ~4km ridge ascent up from the original, now abandoned, CPR railway bridge is a bit of a work out too. Most of the trip is hiking and easy scrambling but there is a short traverse around the north end of the summit block that requires some care which probably merits Bob's SC7 rating for this Rambler's trip he did in 2002 and put in the database. Useful to have Bob's trip report so we knew to go around to the north of the summit block. I'll let the pictures tell the story - one thing we missed in the pictures were some goats some of us saw. The last picture I am not sure about: on the descent we came across what we think are the remains of a CPR locomotive which crashed on the "big hill" that was the railway route in Kicking Horse Pass before the spiral tunnels were built. A great day for me, John, in the excellent company of Norman, Gerald, Jeannine, Adrian,Gary, Susan and Stan. Special thanks to Gerald for the end of trip refreshments and Adrian for the photos and video see: Adrian's video - great shot of a train going through the upper spiral tunnel at the start of this.

South ridge of Mount Ogden

Mount Ogden ridge scrambling - Wapta lake and Sherbrooke lake(just) visible.

Mount Ogden ridge scrambling

Summit block Mount Ogden

Ramblers traverse below west side of Mount Ogden summit block (crux traverse is out of sight around the corner).

Summit Mount Ogden

Niles and Daly - and a view of the Schiesser-Lomas exit from the Wapta ski traverse.

North Victoria, Huber and Hungabee.

Cathedral mountain and Cathedral crags

Carnarvon, Presidents and the peaks of the Yoho valley.

Remains of a crashed CPR locomotive?