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Yamnuska traverse (east to west)

Despite one member experiencing some problems, this was an enjoyable trip with ample conversation and in warm, sunny weather. Although most carried microspikes, since there was negligible snow/ice (as reported on alltrails.com on May 6), they were not used.

We left the cars at 9.00am and returned at 3.15pm, which would have been an hour faster except for one person's problems. We followed the usual anti-clockwise trail which is now very well marked with blue plates and warning notices. On the west end we took the recommended zig-zag trail which completely avoids any problems with the "old" scree descent (where someone died in 2021).

The first chimney is now polished by much usage but was surpassed without difficulty. The chain traverse was also crossed safely. This is soon followed by a diagonal downclimb which IMO can be the hardest part especially if wet. This also was fine and we followed the trail to the summit for lunch about 12.30pm. Prior to lunch, one member (I now call Smith) was experiencing shortness of breath with a pounding heart and was very slow. However, several of the group stayed back with Smith who did not have any other symptoms.

Jane on the chain traverse of Mt Yamnuska

Jane, Peter and Jim downclimb on the backside ridge traverse of Mt Yamnuska

Cathy and Barbara downclimb on the ridge traverse backside of Mt Yamnuska

Jane and Peter traverse the ridge backside of Mt Yamnuska

After a leisurely lunch, which Smith only ate a small portion of, we agreed to continue at Smith's pace back to the cars. We knew that it was all downhill. The group sort of split into 2 smaller groups, with the faster subgroup always stopping frequently. We arrived back at the cars together about 3.15pm. It was +23c.

Ramblers enjoy lunch on Mt Yamnuska

Thanks greatly to all the participants: David,Jim,Leslie,Jane,Cathy,Ulrike most photos,Barbara,Peter for sticking together and concern for Smith's breathing problems. Stats: 8km, 900m gain in 6 1/4 hours.

PS. Encouraged by several participants, on the next day, May 13, Smith attended a Calgary walk-in clinic, whose doctor referred Smith to an emergency hospital. After 6 1/2 hours at Calgary's Peter Loughheed hospital, Smith was diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation and will be taking a mild blood thinner and visiting a cardiologist for possible further treatment. Smith expects to continue outdoor activity as previous. A CT scan ruled out the possibility of a Pulmonary embolism (PE) which can lead to sudden death. Rambler Incident Response procedures will be initiated.