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Trail hike
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Paskapoo Slopes

For the first time this year, we encountered no snow or ice on this hike. However , we did encounter mud – lots of it! The trail was not too bad before lunch as we climbed up to Cougar Ridge for lunch in the warm sunshine, and we visited all of the sites along the way.

Mihaela, Darlene, and Tom Examine Abandoned 40's era cars

Buddhist Stupa

After lunch, though, the sun had caused the trail to become wet, slippery mud and we had to gingerly pick our way down even the most gentle of slopes.

Picking our way down the trail

10 Pound Boots!

The coordinator decided to forego the a last loop through the mud in order to get back to the cars at the promised 2 PM time (one participant had a 3 o’clock appointment elsewhere). Thanks to Tom, Darlene (photo), and Mihaela for joining me on this sunny, but slippery day. Brian C/S/P